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The First Reading Quran and Memorizing Short Surrah Competition

The First Reading Quran and Memorizing Short Surrah Competition
for Indonesia Domestic Helpers.
The Indonesian Women Community in Kuwait “Khairunnisa” collaborated with Islam Presentation Committee “IPC”, organized their first competition of Reading Quran and Memorizing Short Surrah for Indonesian Domestic Helpers. The winners were announced in one evening event on Thursday (24/05/07), held in Jamial Al-Islah Al-Ijtimai at Rawda area. The guests were including the spouse of Indonesian Ambassador, Mrs. Farida Faishal, the IPC boards and participants’ employers. The ladies only, award-night was simple, but glorious with cheers.
The competition took place one day before (23/05/07) at IPC Al Rawda. All of 43 participants had registered, but only 36 participants appeared at the competition. This first competition was held in aid of promoting and uplifting the status of Indonesian women in the country, especially in building of positive images and good characters of Indonesian domestic helpers. On the other hand, the competition would also encourage the participants to learn more about Quran and to give them other meaningful activities in their routine job. “Hopefully, the competition will open the eyes of the locals and may change the people’s perception of Indonesian nationals in the country that Indonesians in Kuwait are not just domestic helpers, but also involved in other specialized fields. Furthermore, a lot of Indonesian domestic helpers are also professional in their jobs, having good attitudes and characters. The competition will balance the news and counter the negative perceptions of them”, stated Mrs.Rashidah Ibrahim, pHD, the chief of the competition committee, who also initiates the idea of the competition. She is an Indonesian-Kuwaiti - a granddaughter of Shaikh Abdul Aziz al Rasheed, the first Kuwait’s historian- has been living in Kuwait for more than 35 years.
The majority of the participants are IPC students. Once a week, they come and learn to read Quran and study about Islam. “When I came to Kuwait, I could not read Quran at all, and then Mama (she called her employer) asked me to study at IPC. Alhamdulillah, now, I can read, even I can participate in the competition”, stated one of the participants happily. Another participant replied, “I have been living here for 25 years and working at the same employer. They are very nice to me; I am a kind of part of their family. Even, they do not like it if I call them employer”, said one of the oldest participants. From the money I have earned here, I had financed my two children to complete bachelor degrees, graduated from one of the best universities in Indonesia”.
Representing participants, she is grateful to her employer who is treating her very well, giving her discretion to study and having social gathering with her Indonesian friends. She also shows appreciation to IPC, Mrs. Rasidah Ibrahim, pHD and Khairunnisa who give her the opportunities to participate in the competition. To other Indonesian friends who might be not as lucky as her, she continued, “You have to be patient and to pray. Please do not do something that might be regretted in the future”.
About Khairunnisa
Khairunnisa is an Indonesian women community in Kuwait, which was born in 2005. In April 2007, Khairunnisa had launched its first mini bazaar to promote the richness of Indonesian art, craft, tourism, food, culture and traditions for International communities in Kuwait. The purposes of the organization are to build qualities, good characters, knowledgeable of Indonesian women to uplift the image of Indonesian women in Kuwait. Khairunnisa’s activities are also aimed to contribute positive images of Indonesian nationals in the country as a whole.
Khairunnisa would like to thank all the sponsors for their helps and supports to the events:
- Western Union Company
- Al Kharafi Company
- Trico International
- Bahrain Exchange Company (BEC)
- American Creativity Academy (ACA)
- Mr. Mubarah Al-badur Al-Khairiyah
- Daily Star
- Arab Times
- Javanese Restaurant
See you in the second competition next year!!!.

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